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A Thirty Minute Talk W/ Mitri...

"Blessed, Blessed, Blessed", Mitri responded when asked how he was doing. Born and raised in Memphis, Tn the local artist says his inspiration and influence comes from riding around with his dad as a little boy listening to artists such as Three 6 Mafia and Outkast. Riding with his mom was a different story... That is where he got a taste of Gospel, "Donnie McClurkin, Ty Tribbetts & Shit".

The First CD Mitri bought was one of lil Bow Wow's first projects, 'Beware of Dog'. Of course, him mentioning Bow Wow, now Shad Moss, led me to ask how he felt about where lil Bow Wow is today and his recent cries for attention via social media. He says that Bow Wow was once on top. He's done everything any artist would ever want to do. He's sold out shows, worked with some of the most respected artists, etc. He thinks Bow Wow needs to stop being "Extra". I asked Mitri what he would've done differently if he were in his shoes... "I would've stopped rapping and started my own label".

Although Bow Wow was a major influence for him growing up, now He'd have to hand that title over to "FreeBands, The Fire Marshall", none other than Super Future himself. If there were only one artist he could listen to everyday, He'd choose future hands down. Since 2011, Future has released "that stupid", according to Mitri. [ YC - Racks ft. Future was released in 2011]

"He's always been different. He sings, has stupid flows, and always does dumb shit on tracks".

That same year, 11th grade Mitri dropped a "remix" to plies' song 'Bruh Bruh'. He didn't expect the feedback he received; After talking with friends he decided it was time to take his music seriously.

He played football at Cordova High, where he'd transferred to from Southwind High the year before. He walked to practice during the Summer because his mom had to work and he didn't have a car yet. One of his teammates, Desmond, offered him a ride home one day and it became tradition. One day, one of Desmond's other friends Carterrio Johnson, known by many as CJ was in the car as well. That up and coming school year Mitri and Cj had a class together. Mitri also ended up being in the same home room as Kylan, seeing as how both of their last names start with the letter F.

It was later that Mitri realized that his new friends were already cool and began to hang out with them as a group. Kylan recorded a song and let the group hear it and it sparked the beginnings of MDE, Millionaire Dreams Entertainment.

After the death of CJ, Mitri says the "vibe was off". He says doubt came into play, everyone felt that things weren't the same and had other things going... He personally began to loose faith and didn't think it would "pop off".

"I didn't know what niggas were gonna do; with good niggas around, the sky is the limit"

He's released 3 projects since: 'Saved by the Bail', 'Mitri Fargo', & 'Hoe Money, Hoe Problems'. The content and meaning of each song and/or project depends simply on how he's feeling. He can tell a story, "make a nigga think", create a slow song, or something to turn up to... it depends on the beat, mood, etc. He loves being "in your face wit it" and using punch lines.

Before writing he usually already knows how the beat goes. Most times his songs derive from him and his friends freestyling on a beat while hot-boxing. If he says something he likes he'll "write it down, remember it" & put the line in his song or use it as his overall idea or theme for a song. He also let me in on a little secret... His favorite place to write is in the bathroom. He says he's alone in a closed space, relaxed. Yes, he's writing as he is actually using the restroom.

He says his next project will include everything he's been through and what he's learned from it... "family, niggas, enemies". He wants to leave it all in the booth and leave his listeniners knowing "Bruh not playing", "Bruh hard".

His Freshman year of college, he enrolled to Middle Tennessee State university. Before he arrived the party and promotion team, First Flight Entertainment had been created. First Flight Ent. recruited Mitri and his friends upon their arrival to the University and of course, they "turnt it up". He feels like being a part of this group in college helped him gain a name as a freshman, but also helped him gain attention for his music. He had many people who supported him and his music was even being played at their campus parties.

"It's still MDE. MDE to the death fasho."

Although they weren't all on one accord, they hadn't fully given up. They all continued to go to the studio and make music. This time around things were a little different. There was Mitri, Tommy and DJ Louis P (Pat) and the new meet up was at Shoun's house. The group felt it was time for a reboot and birthed "The BLVD". Initially, Empire Records at the time of release of 'Mitri Fargo'. The show Empire aired 2-3 weeks after his project dropped, so they decided to go with a more original name. They were adamant about it and wanted to stick to something they knew... The Boulevard is the street Shoun's house, they're meet up spot, is located on and that is their nickname for the spot. After making a song for it, Mitri said it made him "feel it even more".

#StayTuned The BLVD is Coming Soon! They are currently getting their roster of artists together & "loading up on material" such as music, videos etc. So that when they do launch they’ll have so much material that they're going to be "smacking they ass back to back to back wit that BLVD!"

Connect with Mitri & Listen to his music...

Twitter: @lilmitrimeech

IG: @mitrifargo & @theofficialblvd_

Spinrilla: Lil Mitri Meech

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