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The Standard Guide To: COVID CHRISTMAS 🎄

We’re all being forced to think a bit “outside of the box” this Holiday Season...

Here are a few ideas to help you safely celebrate ‘Covid Christmas‘ with your friends and family:

ZOOM/Group FaceTime Meetings

Open gifts and Eat dinner with your family!

This may be a new way of adapting for most of us, but many who travel for work and serve our country use these methods to share the Holidays with their family every year...

Video Chat with your friends and family while you indulge in good food and great gifts.

Zoom: Set up your account, follow the instructions to create a meeting, and share the invite link with your guests.

Santa‘s Sleigh 🛷

The gift of giving!

Although, this season is about something much more magicial... Presents do add a certain bit of magic to the Holiday!

Load up the car, truck or van!! Santa’s back in action!

Most of us are too old for the fairy tale, but we’re never too old to deliver Christmas Cheer ❤️

Deliver gifts to your family or friends on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

Add a bit of flare by wearing a santa hat or hey, buy the whole suit!


Make the most out of this time indoors with your family without the usual holiday hustle and bustle!

Games, Movies, and who knows? You may create a new family tradition.

Here are a few links with activity ideas to get you started:

* Be sure to remember those who are fighting and check on the loved ones of those who lost their battle. Please, practice social-distancing!

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