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The Standard Guide: How To Be Quarantine Qt's...

Here's a list of some things you and your quarantine bae can do at home...

1. Spa Day

Give each other massages & pedicures at home. Use oils, light some candles & play soothing music.

2. Sip 'n Paint Or Paint w/ Dank (haha)

Enjoy some wine, or your beverage of choice and grab some canvases. Order pre-drawn canvases or start from scratch... If you like them enough you may have new artwork for your home.

Check out my summer sippin' post for a few drink ideas!

3. Gamenight

Grab the cards, the board games and the systems! You could even plan a scavenger hunt for your partner around the house. Play for a price and place a bet, turn it into a tournament, or perhaps make things a bit harder for your competition by adding some drinks to the mix.

Google "Couples Game Night Ideas" for new games and 18+ ideas

4. Cook Each Other's Favorite Meals!

How well do you know your partner? Have a fun, romantic evening as you cook your person's favorite meal. Dress up and make it real! Maybe even dance together after dinner.

5. Backyard Picnic

Have a backyard or outdoor space? Get a blanket, chill the drinks and prepare your favorite finger foods! Have a picnic in the backyard with your partner. With your devices still connected to wifi, enjoy movies and music while you enjoy the great outdoors.

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