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Let's Talk 'CIN-MI' with LaLa...

Originally from Selmer, Tn, Latrice Davis moved to Memphis in 2008 when she began school at the University of Memphis. She studied Political Science and Communication, her ultimate goal was to become a lawyer. During her freshman year, she got hired at Macy's where she expected to be working in shoes, but was actually placed cosmetics. She had no previous experience in cosmetics and she wasn't the type of girl who wore make-up.

"I wore eye-shadow here and there, that's it."

One day, Latrice found herself at the MAC cosmetics counter and soon realized her passion had "hit her in the face". She would ask other artists to show her the trade, but no one would. She was determined and took it upon herself to be her own teacher. She began to become more intrigued and she wanted to perfect her craft. She later applied to MAC cosmetics. Out of the 60 girls that interviewed, she was one of the eight that were selected, she felt this was truly the beginning of her career in cosmetics.. She was an artist for MAC from 2013 until 2015. Latrice also began doing make-up , she even created her own lipstick line. Her lipsticks are handcrafted using natural ingredients, as well as cruelty free.

"I want my own store, but I don't want to only sell lipsticks."

LaLa says she began to ask herself "what's trending?" and "What's something people buy everyday?"... Clothes! Latrice describes herself as a "throw something on and go" kind of girl who enjoyed thrifting. Not being really big on fashion, Social Media is a major influence for her. She looks for things #trending in California, New York or other fashion-forward cities and she tries to get those trends in-store.

"What names are attractive to me?"

Now that she'd figured out merchandise, it was time to choose a name for her boutique. She wanted the name to be timeless and relatable. She thought of designer brands she liked such as Gucci and Fendi and chose to have the boutique name end in an 'I'. She also wanted it to look "cute" on paper.

"What sounds good and looks nice?"

Cinmi Boutique is your one stop shop for Glam, Fashion & Beauty. Latrice offers her make-up servies in-store. She also sells full unit wigs, as well as her lipsticks; You can also find clothing pieces and accessories. Offering a variety of products and services allows Latrice to attract and serve a variety of consumers in an intimate setting. Latrice also hosts events and make up classes such as 'Sip-n-Shop'.

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