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One would think the owner of a wig and hair product line would be someone who has always been passionate about hair, but instead Kristen Dickerson says it's something that was more so "forced upon" her. Growing up, Kristen's mother didn't take her or her sister to the beauty salon often. Kristen's sister began taking cosmetology in school and using her, Kristen, as a model or more like a test dummy according to Kristen.

She observed and learned with her sister.

Although her interest was in fashion, Kristen began to do her own hair throughout high school. She figured her hair was a part of her look and she wanted to "look good from head to toe". She would let her sister install her hair extensions, but she'd experiment with the styling and coloring. People began to notice her hair, the styles, the colors and even the texture and thickness of her natural hair. She began receiving questions on the best methods to take care of hair, how to properly wear wigs, how to grow out edges, etc.

Kristen was receiving and answering so many questions that she needed a separate platform from her personal social media to answer them. She created an Instagram page, alllthingshair, specifically for those inquiries.

Kristen and a few friends also began a youtube channel where they were some of the first to get paid for posting reviews and answering questions about hair extensions and the companies that sold them. This of course created more buzz for Kristen.

She is still receiving questions from women who need help maintaining their hair. Kristen continues to help women by educating them and giving feedback via her Instagram account, alllthingshair, that now has 36.9 thousand followers.

"I wanted to create products for the girl who wants to do it herself', Dickerson said. Therefore, she took things to the next level. She began making and selling her own products and not only teaching women how to wear wigs the correct way, but also making, selling, and shipping wigs to women over the country. All of Kristen's wigs and hair-care products are made by hand using raw, natural ingredients.

Kristen plans to continue to educate women on hair care, natural wig styling, and hair maintenance. Dickerson is also hoping to open a store front and have retail spaces for her wigs and products.

Check out products such as 'Grow Me Crazy', which helps with the growth of damaged edges here.


- DO NOT put heat on your hair daily

- USE protective styling, leave hair alone

- Let your hair breathe, leave time between styles

- Keep hair moisturized


& Give it some time!

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