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THE STANDARD GUIDE: Can Certain Foods Make Sex Better?

Before leaving for the Dominican Republic, I had several of last minute errands left to run... which isn't surprising. While waiting patiently to get my eyelashes done, I came across an interesting article in Cosmopolitan, written by Taylor Andrews.

  I was hesitant to write on the topic, but hey who doesn't love to talk about sex? Even if the topic is uncomfortable for some, I'm sure everyone wants to know of ways to ensure a better experience for their partner as well as themselves. 

Andrews says that there are 4 foods you should consider eating before having sex...

Honey: It can be used to balance testosterone as well as estrogen levels in the body due to the mineral boron. This may help boost sexual arousal.

Watermelon: Contains an amino acid, citrulline. Citulline is known to improve blood flow. So eating watermelon helps with erectile dysfunction and helps prepare your "nether regions" for sexual activity.

Pomegranate Seeds: These help increase the nitric oxide in the body. Eating these will help with, engorgement, swelling due to blood or other liquids, typically with women during breastfeeding. It also helps with girth and boosts fertility.

Coffee: "but first,coffee" literally... Coffee is said to increase your levels of dopamine, which stimulates your blood flow EVERYWHERE.

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