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THE STANDARD GUIDE TO: Living a Well-Designed Life!

Practices for living a well-designed life: 

  1. Put your phone on the charger in the other room when you go to bed. 

  2. Put a glass of water beside your bed. If you don't drink it at night, drink it first thing in the morning. 

  3. Touch your planner before you touch your phone. 

  4. Think of something kind towards yourself in the mirror while you were brushing your teeth.

  5. Leave your bedroom with laundry in hand every morning.

  6. Keep your kitchen sink clean and clear throughout the day.

  7. Ask for help when you need it.

  8. Say no to something once a day, just for the practice of saying no.

  9. Lower your grocery bill by buying less meat. There is protein and vegetables, too!  

  10. Go for a walk after dinner.

  11. Always wear sunscreen. Keep an extra bottle in your car.  

  12. Clean out your car when you get gas.  

  13. Don't keep clothes you don't wear. Try for a capsule wardrobe. 

  14. Take your vitamins. don't forget to give your kids vitamins.   

  15. At least once a week, take a detox bath of one cup Epsom salt, half a cup of baking soda, and a few drops of lavender oil.   

  16. Write stuff down when you think of it. keep a memory book and no it doesn't have to be gorgeous or crafty.   

  17. Say you're sorry but don't apologize for yourself when you're not wrong. Admit when you're wrong.  

  18. Forgive when you don't feel like it... forgive ESPECIALLY if you don't feel like it. 

  19. pick your battles.  

  20. Messy is perfect. Remind your friends of theirs if you stop by and they apologize very messy house.  

  21. Eat leftovers. One less kitchen to clean!  

  22. Practice gratitude daily even if it's simply for the air you breathe.

  23. When you can, pay for the drive-through order for the car behind you. 

  24. Work Out.   

  25. Find time for meditation or devotion.

  26. Visualize the outcome is you want to experience.  

  27. Avoid interruptions. 

  28. Get off of social media. It drives the comparison game that makes you feel bad about yourself.

  29. Trust your gut.

  30. Practice face yoga.  

  31. Nurture your relationships. Remember the good stuff takes time.  

  32. Maximize your strengths.  Don't try to strengthen your weaknesses. 

  33. Know your Enneagram and Myers Briggs types.

  34. Call a therapist.   

  35. Save 10% of your paycheck every month; If you're self-employed, save at least 25% of your net income for taxes every month.  

  36. Stay away from drama. Get a check up once a year.   

  37. Go for experiences, not things. 

  38. Read at least one book every month.  

  39. Practice smiling every day. It will make you happier.   

  40. Write down what you've finished and then cross it out or check it off. you'll actually release - - Happiness endorphins when you do this. 

  41. Change your thoughts if you want to change your life.  

  42. Write at least one think you know every week.

  43. Call your mom. 

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