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THE STANDARD GUIDE TO: Procuring Positivity

-- Environment | Surround yourself with other positive people with like mindsets. Negativity is contagious, but so are positive attitudes & actions.

-- Self-awareness & Correction | Just like any other habit, they die hard. It will take time to completely rid yourself of negative thoughts, but it is key that you recognize those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

-- Accomplish Something | GET SH*T DONE! Set goals and actually achieve them. I feel that the feeling of accomplishment betters ones sense of self-worth. Also, having a plan and set goals often help reassure during times of setback.

-- Mornings Matter | Create a morning routine. Personally... I wake up, lay in bed for a while & once I finally roll out of bed I blast my music throughout the house, as I sing along and get ready. I then pray, tidy up and head out to handle whatever comes my way that day. This routine works for me. My music wakes me up and gets me pumped for the day, cleaning and handling things around the house gives me a small sense of accomplishment before I start my day.

   Do things that bring you happiness and positively effect your mood and headspace before your day gets started. Maybe your routine should consist of reading something positive or meditating, whatever works best for you.

-- Self-Love & Solitude | Get adequate rest, exercise, and practice stress-management. Spend time getting to know yourself and doing things that you love ALONE. Taking care of your physical and mental health are important. Stress can effect your physical and mental health in several ways. It can change the way you view things, yourself, etc. Removing stress & negativity from your life allows you to recreate and put yourself in a better space mentally and that is where the battle takes place.

-- Give Back | Whether it's a simple compliment, helping some, or giving money to a homeless man, blessing others brings blessings. The warm feeling you get when someone thinks of you or compliments you doesn't compare to the feeling you get when you are the giver and not the receiver.

-- Right Here, Right Now | Do not linger on things of the past and do not drift too far into the future. Wondering what could've been or what is to come can cause doubt, stress, fear, regret, etc. Take things day by day, one thing at a time. Focus on yourself and where you are now. Do not compare your journey to anyone else's journey.

-- Reflect | I've found it easier to deal with things alone sometimes rather than confiding in others. I also found that true peace, self-expression and self-understanding comes when one is truly open and in-tune with themselves. We often fear being vulnerable and judged by others. I keep a journal that I (TRY TO) write in daily. I reflect on my thoughts, my day, and any issues I may be facing, I am genuine about everything I feel and all of my thoughts. 

-- Be Thankful! | Write down things you are grateful for or speak them aloud each day. It reinforces positivity and helps you focus on the good things in life. It helps make positive thinking a constant thing. Even if it is as something as small as being grateful for AC in your car, after passing someone driving with their windows down on a hot summer day. Remember, things could always be worse.

-- Fake It 'till You Make It | Whether you feel your best, having a bad day, or you're upset and not in a good mood; even when you don´t  feel positive or confident, you control your emotions and perception. You choose how things effect you.

   ** Also, to encourage constant growth put yourself in situations that are unusual and uncomfortable. Try Something NEW! Never say no to an opportunity. 

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