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THE STANDARD GUIDE TO: The Poor Rich Girl's Self-Care

Pamper Yourself At home with these tips:

Scented Candles

Set the mood for your soothing night of self-care by lighting your favorite scented candles to create a peaceful environment.

Favorite TV Show/Movie

Turn on the TV or grab your laptop and binge watch your favorite TV series, or a watch a good movie. Grab snacks!

Cup of Tea

Brew a cup of tea, make a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate. The warmth will relax your nerves and muscles.

Personal Pedicure

Remove all polish from toes and Soak your feet (pro tip: add in bath salts, etc.)

File or Clip your toe nails and clean up your cuticles if need be.

Next, moisturize your toes + feet.

Apply a base coat and then choose your color!

*Affordable Kits // Walmart, Target, Walgreens

Favorite Face Mask

Put on a favorite mask or read our DIY face mask routine.

DIY exfoliating scrubs

Blast your music and sing along. Get wild and dance around your house!

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